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1800 allrounder

The new 1800 Allrounder is everything it appears and more. 
Replacing its predecessor the YaltaCraft Odessa 530, the boat has a newly designed extended ‘Outboard Transom Step’ enabling easier access to the boat.  Being built with an improved hull offers excellent performance, stability at rest and a drier, smoother ride.  It can be powered with as little as a 60hp outboard.  If you’re a powerboat enthusiast with a family and tempering your desire for a pure Sports Cuddy cabin machine, then you’ll find a satisfying buzz in the new 1800 Allrounder. Whether you're fishing, having a picnic, tobogganing or skiing with the kids - you'll be glad you bought a YaltaCraft!

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1800 bowrider

The 1800 Bowrider with it's reknown YaltaCraft soft riding hull carries on the tradition of being "Built for the Task".

This boat has been designed to be roomy and comfortable with lots of storage space for the skis or fishing tackle.  So if you're out picnicking with the kids, cruising with your mates, or ducking out to fish that inshore reef - there is room for all the vital equipment.   And if the weather turns foul on the way home - you'll be reminded just why you're so happy you bought a YaltaCraft!

2000 fisherman

Little sister to the YaltaCraft 2200 Fisherman this vessel has the soft ride and durability of her big sister, yet it can be legally towed by the average family car.
The 2000 Fisherman (formerly the Triple 5) is quite capable of offshore duties - camping overnight or just taking the family out exploring.  Plus is still a good size for tobogganing and skiing.


2200 fisherman

YaltaCraft 2200 Fisherman - the new model replacing the legendary Odessa, this craft offers magnificent ride and comfort in a trailerable package that caters for the family, fisherman and boating enthusiast.  Featuring copious amounts of deck-space, the 2200 Fisherman can be setup as a roomy day cruiser for the family and friends or is versatile enough to provide a solid fishing platform for you and all the mates.  Built locally in Australia, these magnificent hulls feature a 5 year factory warranty, solid fibreglass construction and a range of options for you to select from.

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